Art Submissions

If you'd like to submit art, send an email directly to, with  the subject line "ART SUBMISSION: [your name]." Attach photos of any art you'd like to have featured, limited to 8 pieces per submission. We accept sculptures as well as paintings and mixed media work.

If you've been rejected please wait one month before submitting new work. All art is on a 5-7 month rotation, so this won't affect your chances of getting into the next available show. New shows typically go up in the months of May and December.

You can expect a response within 2-3 weeks. If you haven't heard back within 4 weeks, feel free to send a query. Do not send a query before 4 weeks have passed.

Aloft Harlem Art Gallery is all about promoting local emerging talent, including student work. So don't be shy! Submit! The worst that can happen is you get a month to improve, and show us what fools we were for having turned you down in the first place.


Please send any questions through here.

Aloft Harlem is located at:
New York, NY

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